News Timeline

June 2021

Competence Centre for Battery Safety
From now on, the RTC is also a competence centre for battery safety which is a new advantages for our customers. Thermal Runaway and Abuse tests can be performed in large scales. Additionally arc discharges In or with different housings are possible.

May 2021

Successful surveillance audit acc. to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
The RTC successfully completed the DAkkS surveillance audit for the accreditation of the flexible part acc. to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 The accreditation will be prolonged until futher notice.

April 2021

Installation of brand-new sanitäry facilities
To fulfill hygienic requirements, the RTC installed new sanitary facilities incl. possibilties to shower on the test area. Both, colleagues and customers, are able to use those.

March 2021

Hydrogen explosion under pre-pressure
The RTC successfully simulated hydrogen explosions in an one-cylinder test engine in March. Specteculare records about the explosion event could be documented with high-speed cameras. The required results by the customer have been obtained.

January 2021

Dominik Becker becomes test representative
Based on the successful examination and certification as DGQ-Laboratory Manager ISO/IEC 17025 and with intense instruction and training at RTC, Dominik Becker (B.Sc) became RTC test representative.

March - August 2020

Investigations about internal arc discharges
In cooperation with Fraunhofer ICT and international customers, tests on oil-filled transformer and electical systems, has been carried out. The RTC has been able to rebuild realistic and extrem high energy input from internal arc discharges in high- and middle voltage systems with pryrotechnic priming chargers. A large reduction of costs on the test procedure could be performed for the customer. New protection concepts could be developed and proved.

June 2020

Laboratory Management Training completed
After participating the DGQ-Training Laboratory Management ) I and II in acc. with ISO/IEC 17025, the RTC employee Dominik Becker (B. Sc) completed successfully the necessary examination and certification as DGQ Laborator Manager ISO/IEC 17025. Perspectively the designation as a test representative for Dominik Becker will follow.

May 2019

New premises by office and conference container
The area of the RTC test site has been improved by providing new premises with office and conference containers. The successful shorten of the distances optimized the test execution.

April 2019

Powtech Nuernberg
With a little exhibition stand at Powtech Nuernberg, RTC informed all visitors about their portfolio. With an impressive live demonstration of explosions during Powtech 2019 all visitors could be amazed.

March 2019

Open house day
RTC introduced itself to interested parties of svolunteer fire departments of nearby communities of Brilon and to the industrial neighbourhood on march, 29, 2019. The great programme has been accented with impressive explosion demonstrations which amazed joung and old.

December 2018

Successfull accreditation in acc. with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
After intensiv preparations, RTC has been able to approved it´s competence successfully in acc. with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 audit. RTC is now able to perform test examinations of protective systems and devices for use in explosive atmospheres for the first time.

April 2017

Founding REMBE® Research + Technology Center GmbH (RTC)
Our customers are now able to benefit from more than 40 years of expierence on practical explosion protection by founding REMBE® Research + Technology Center GmbH (RTC). Since april 2017, RTC conducted explosion tests to determinate component strenghts, approves the functional safety of components under explosion conditions, implements fire tests and arc disharges and handles pressure tests. All these is clustered on our on test area located „Zur Heide“ in Brilon.
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