The following safety values can be determined at the REMBE® Research+Technology Center GmbH:

Explosion characteristicts

  • Sieve analysis
  • Determination of the moisture content
  • Explosibility screening test or Go/No Go screening
  • Lower explosion limit (LEL)


Prevention of explosive atmospheres

  • Lowest oxygen concentration (LOC)


Prevention of ignition sources

  • Burning behaviour / burning index
  • Smoulding temperature
  • Ignition temperature
  • Minimum ignition energy (MIE)
  • Auto-ignition temperature (Grewer, hot storage test)
  • Conductivity, specific resistance
  • Impact sensitivity (acc. to Lütolf)


Explosion protection

  • Max. explosion overpressure pmax
  • Max. pressure rise (dp/dt)max; KSt-Value

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