Do you use materials or combinations of materials (i.e. dusts, gases or solids) for which you do not have the relevant explosion parameters? Have you developed new applications or processes which are not covered in the latest regulations? We will test plant components and materials for you, while helping you with the development of test setups and conducting the necessary tests for you. Benefit from over 40 years of experience in explosion safety on a worldwide scale. If required, we can also arrange approvements by an external organisation of your choice.

Our services

Explosion tests (component strengths)
Proving the functional reliability of components under explosive conditions
Fire tests
Arc discharges
Pressure tests
Accreditation according DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2018
Accreditation according DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2018 means, that REMBE® Research + Technology Center has competence to proove equipment and protective systems for use in explosion hazard areas. Many customer required this service and now we are proud to offer this solution and many other services around product type testing.

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Press releases
Press Release "Security has (not) a price", 08/2020, on
(Language: German)
Anyone who wants to and has to do their budget economically should be careful not to waste money unnecessarily, especially when it comes to security. This applies both to the acquisition of protective equipment for your own operation and to the development of new system elements. But how do new media, technologies or system elements react in the event of an explosion?
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Press Release SCHÜTTGUT Magazin 01/2018: "Nothing to replace the experience of real Tests."
(Language: German)

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Press Release Chemietechnik Magazine 03/2019: "Explosion pressure relief in practice: Explosions help save money."
(Language: German)

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Life is Beautiful - Safety is for LifeTM

Our company guiding principle „Safety is for LifeTM“ is closer to us than ever before …. Protective systems and equipment are tested by the REMBE® Research + Technology Center team and we follow this guidance on a daily basis. To follow common safety rules against Covid 19 is a matter of course for our team.

A central force drives us to fulfill our mission to protect human beings and increase their safety. Its also or rather specifically because of this critical aspect of safety that extensive explosion testing on equipment and certain production processes is carried. This is relevant for a wide range of industries from energy and transportation or food up to pharmaceutical companies. Our work supports the safety of everyone employed in these industries. This spirit drives us daily …

Scientific-Technical Advisory Council (STAC)

The REMBE® Research + Technology Center GmbH STAC is an independent board of experts with decades of experience in fire- and explosion protection.
It consists of at least 3 members.

Currently the following individuals are on board

Dr. Kees van Wingerden

Dr. Kees van Wingerden

CTO of GEXCON Norway
With several decades of background in protecting plant and processes, Kees and his safety and risk managing company GEXCON contribute with modelling explosions and carrying out trainings.
Dipl.-Ing. Richard Siwek

Dipl.-Ing. Richard Siwek

CTO of FireEx Consulting Switzerland
Super flexible, pragmatic and focussed on tangible solutions, Richard is the expert per se.
When it comes to consulting customers from a global perspective. The company FireEx supports with comprehensive concepts for protecting human life, assets and environment.
Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Nied

Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Nied

Former CTO of AZO Germany
Never tired of developing safety solutions that pay off and are reliable under worst case conditions. This is what characterizes Gerhard and that is what he brings into the STAC.

Test your Solutions

Your single and speedy source for tests and approvals.


The REMBE® Research + Technology Center GmbH collaborates with various organisations and institutions that have a solution orientated way of thinking and doing. This is how we make sure that all test scenarios mirror realistic conditions. And all test results lead to doable concepts. And save life and money in the end.

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